Interacting with Your Customers

Now that we've learned a little about e-business and e-commerce, read about the importance of interacting with customers paying particular attention to the section about social media marketing. You'll better understand why businesses are using social media to promote their products and what their goals may be.

1. (AACSB) Analysis

If you ran an airline, how would you practice CRM? How would you get permission to market your product to customers? What information would you collect on them? What incentives would you offer them to continue flying with you? What advantages can you gain through effective CRM?

2. One of the most successful social media marketing campaigns was for Old Spice. Procter & Gamble enlisted former NFL wide receiver Isaiah Mustafa to star in a number of videos pointing out to women that their men could be as fantastic as he is if only they wore Old Spice aftershave. Review the following articles, watch the videos embedded in the articles, and answer the listed questions.

  • Brenna Ehrlich, "The Old Spice Social Media Campaign by the Numbers, Mashable Business," Mashable, July 15, 2010,
  • Samuel Axon, "Top 10 Funniest Old Spice Guy Videos," Mashable Business, (accessed October 27, 2011).]
  • Describe the campaign and identify the goal of the campaign.
  • How was this campaign different from anything done in the past?
  • Did you like the videos? Why or why not?
  • Would you buy Old Spice products? Why or why not?