Corporate Social Responsibility

Read this section, paying particular attention to the sections on communities, financial contributions, volunteerism, and supporting local causes to learn more about the positive impact of businesses.


  1. Nonprofit organizations (such as your college or university) have social responsibilities to their stakeholders. Identify your school's stakeholders. For each category of stakeholder, indicate the ways in which your school is socially responsible to that group.
  2. (AACSB) Communication

    Pfizer is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the United States. It's in the business of discovering, developing, manufacturing, and marketing prescription drugs. While it's headquartered in New York, it sells products worldwide, and its corporate responsibility initiatives also are global. Go to the Pfizer Web site ( and read about the firm's global corporate-citizenship initiatives (listed on the left sidebar). Write a brief report describing the focus of Pfizer's efforts and identifying a few key programs. In your opinion, why should U.S. companies direct corporate-responsibility efforts at people in countries outside the United States?