Writing Activity: Questions To Ask Yourself Before Sending an Email Message

Make a submission

In a page (150–250 words), answer the following questions about an email you might want to compose for your personal or professional life:

  1. Is this message suitable for e-mail, or could I better communicate the information with a letter, phone call, or face-to-face meeting?
  2. What is my purpose for sending this e-mail? Will the message seem important to the receiver, or will it be seen as an annoyance and a waste of time?
  3. How many e-mails does the reader usually receive, and what will make him/her read this message (or delete it)?
  4. Do the formality and style of my writing fit the expectations of my audience?
  5. How will my message look when it reaches the receiver? Is it easy to read? Have I used correct grammar and punctuation? Have I divided my thoughts into discrete paragraphs? Are important items, such as due dates, highlighted in the text?
  6. Have I provided enough context for my audience to easily understand or follow the thread of the message?
  7. Did I identify myself and make it easy for the reader to respond in an appropriate manner?
  8. Will the receiver be able to open and read any attachments?