Communicate more effectively using the written and spoken word by going from the basic principles of grammar to crafting effective works of persuasive writing, technical writing, and essays. You can earn a free certificate of completion for any of these online English courses.

In our English courses, you will learn to:

  • improve your writing by using active reading techniques;
  • write well-organized, logical, clear, and focused pieces using different rhetorical techniques;
  • develop the tools you need to conduct research; and
  • tailor your writing for different audiences.

  • Time: 62 hours
  • Free Certificate
Introductory course designed to improve your writing ability, through the use of active reading and an understanding of the core components of effective writing.

  • Time: 32 hours
  • Free Certificate
Introductory course on composition, developing the ability to write clear, grammatically-sound expository and persuasive prose pieces.

  • Time: 101 hours
  • Free Certificate
Introductory course on basic research concepts and techniques, including ways to build academic research into effective writing processes.

  • Time: 86 hours
  • Free Certificate
Detailed course on technical writing in a workplace context, which covers audience analysis, memo writing and internal communications, form letters, presentations and the use of visuals, process documentation, proposals, and writing in the Internet era.

  • Time: 127 hours
  • Free Certificate
Examination of American literature published between the 1830s and 1860s, focusing on the socio-cultural context that lead to the dramatic outburst of literary creativity in this era.