Learn the fundamentals of how the universe works by exploring the effects of gravity, energy, and the other physical forces that happen all around us. You can earn a free certificate of completion for any of these online Physics courses, or use them to earn credit in leading college programs.

In our Physics courses, you will learn to:

  • solve dimensional kinematics problems and describe the effects of gravity on an object's motion;
  • analyze situations involving simple harmonic motion;
  • use Maxwell's equations to explain some of the properties of electromagnetic waves; and
  • explain the postulates and consequences of the special and general theories of relativity.

  • Time: 38 hours
  • Free Certificate
A basic introduction to the current physical understanding of our universe, from an examination of basic principles of physical law, their application to the behavior of objects, and the use of the scientific method in driving advances in this knowledge.

  • Time: 97 hours
  • Free Certificate
Examination of waves and oscillations in extended objects, sources and laws that govern static electricity and magnetism, Maxwell's equations, optics, and Einstein's theory of special relativity.