Explore the real-world applications of mathematics through algebra, calculus, statistics, and geometry. You can earn a free certificate of completion for any of these online Mathematics courses, or use many of them to earn credit in leading college programs.

In our Mathematics courses, you will learn to:

  • perform algebraic operations and understand the principles of algebra;
  • use statistical concepts and techniques in academic and professional contexts; and
  • evaluate functions, graphs, limits, continuity, and derivatives.

  • Time: 33 hours
  • Free Certificate
Explore intermediate-level algebraic operations and learn how algebraic methods are used in real-world applications.

  • Time: 45 hours
  • Free Certificate
Get a detailed introduction to functions, graphs, limits, continuity, and derivatives, and explore the relationship between derivatives and graphs.

  • Time: 32 hours
  • Free Certificate
Examine the properties behind the concepts of probability and statistics by learning how to investigate the relationships between various characteristics of data.