Learn about each major world region and how they fit together within a global framework by taking a look at key issues like international conflict, cooperation, environmental degradation, population growth, and globalization. You can earn a free certificate of completion for this online Geography course.

In our Geography course, you will learn to:

  • compare and contrast the climate, physical landscape, and natural environment of world regions;
  • describe the economic geography of selected world regions, including primary sources of income, availability of natural resources, and the effects of globalization; and
  • use thematic maps to analyze worldwide distribution patterns of population, religion, language, politics, vegetation, and climate.

  • Time: 49 hours
  • Free Certificate
Study the physical features of the Earth and its atmosphere, including landscape development, weather, climate, and geology, and learn how the cultural, economic, and political activity of humans affects those features. Become adept at tasks that require both spatial and critical thinking skills.