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Unit 1: Fluctuations in the Supply Chain File Introduction to Supply Chain Management

Review this introduction to supply chain management to explore the elements of the process, including suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Each of these is involved in getting goods to consumers when they want them and at a cost that is agreeable to all of the parties.

File Critical Factors Affecting Supply Chain Management

Read sections 1 to 2.7.1 for an in-depth look at the supply chain management factors that impact a business' operations. These sections explore environmental factors, internal company issues, governmental factors, the role of IT, logistics, and suppliers, and more.

Page Causes of the Bullwhip Effect

The bullwhip effect relates to supply chain inefficiencies and changes in inventory levels as they relate to changes in consumer demand. Factors include demand forecasting, order batching, price fluctuations, rationing and gaming.

Unit 2: Supply Chain Procurement Page Lean and Agile in Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises: Complementary or Incompatible?

Read this real-world study that was conducted to determine if a company could have lean supply chain management, while also having the agility needed for a small business to flourish. The relationship between a company and their suppliers is explored and is considered to be an essential factor in the supply chain management process.

URL Managing the Production Process in a Manufacturing Company

Read this section to explore the importance of managing materials from vendors to the process of manufacturing. This section is important because it focuses on the activities of an operations manager while managing the production process. Pay particular attention to the question that you need to answer when choosing a best supplier.

File Enhancing Pharmaceutical Procurement

This presentation at Johns Hopkins' Bloomberg School of Public Health provides information related to the procurement of pharmaceuticals. Pay particular attention to the good procurement practices, impact of hidden procurement costs, the models of regional/country collaboration, and the common procurement challenges. 

Unit 3: Supply Chain Distribution Page Investment in Operations

Read this section to explore supply chain optimization. Supply chains must be fast, cheap and reliable for a good return-on-investment. This section is important because it focuses on how to focus on designing a supply chain that allows for the manufacturing and distribution of products and a low cost and high profit.

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