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1.1: Types of Charts Page Creating Charts in Microsoft Excel

Watch this tutorial on creating column, line, and pie charts in Microsoft Excel. When the author changes the data in the original worksheet, the data automatically changes in the chart. This is one of the great features of making charts in a spreadsheet program: any changes you make to your data will automatically update your chart.

Page How to Make Stacked Bar Charts

Watch this tutorial on how to make a special type of bar or column chart called the stacked bar (or stacked column) chart. These charts are useful for making comparisons between groups. The author makes a regular bar chart first, and then makes a stacked bar chart to compare data from different groups.

Page Creating Charts in Google Sheets

The process for making charts using Google Sheets is quite similar to Microsoft Excel. Watch these four tutorials, which describe how to create each type of chart in Google Sheets.

1.2: Choosing a Chart Book Choosing a Chart

Read this section, which details each major chart type and reviews how to create them. Review the examples to see when it is appropriate to use each type of chart.

2.1: Scatter Charts Page The Scatter Chart

This section describes how to construct and format a scatter chart for supply and demand data. Pay careful attention to the section on adding trendlines, which gives step-by-step guidance using Microsoft Excel. In the example, a linear fit did not work, and they needed to use a different fit.

Page Scatter Charts and Best-Fit Lines in Microsoft Excel

Watch these two examples of how to create a scatter plot and determine the best-fit trend line in Microsoft Excel.

Page Scatter Charts and Best-Fit Lines in Google Sheets

This process is similar in Google Sheets. Watch this tutorial on how to create scatter plots with trendlines in Google Sheets.

2.2: Combination Charts Page Creating a Combination Chart

Watch this walkthrough of how to produce a combination chart.

2.3: Sparklines Page Creating Sparklines in Microsoft Excel

Watch this video on how to create sparklines. 

Page Creating Sparklines in Google Sheets

We can also use sparklines in Google Sheets. Watch this video on how to create sparklines in Google Sheets to display donations to an organization over time.

3.1: Adding Shapes, Callouts, and Clipart Page Adding Shapes, Callouts, and Clipart

Watch this video on how to insert shapes and clipart into a spreadsheet. A toolbar pops up when you add or select a picture that lets you format and edit it. The tutorial shows many of the graphics formatting and editing options available in Microsoft Excel.

3.2: Adding Pictures Page Adding Pictures

Watch this short video on how to insert a saved picture into a spreadsheet. The picture formatting toolbar pops up when you select or add a picture to a spreadsheet.

3.3: WordArt and Symbols Page WordArt and Symbols

Watch this short video to learn how to use WordArt and symbols in Microsoft Excel.

3.4: Adding Hyperlinks Page Adding Hyperlinks

Watch this video to learn how to add a hyperlink in Microsoft Excel.

3.5: Headers and Footers Page Headers and Footers

Watch this video to learn how to insert headers and footers into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

4.1: Creating and Formatting a Table Page Creating a Table

This video describes how to create and format a Microsoft Excel table using a list of pets and their identifying information and how to convert columns in a worksheet into a table. Then, it explains how to do some basic formatting and how to add columns to the table.

4.2: Sorting and Filtering Data Page Filtering Data

Watch this video, which uses the example of a table of donors to a charity with the amount they donated to each program to show you how to filter data in a table.

Page Sorting Data

Watch this video for a tutorial on how to use the sort feature in Excel tables. This example uses a pivot table, a type of table that we will discuss in detail later. Even so, the sort feature is the same as for regular tables.

4.3: Outlining Data Page Convert to Range for Subtotaling

Read this tutorial on converting a table back into a list of data and then subtotalling the data into chunks. Pay attention to the commands you need in the toolbar to perform the operations.

4.4: Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts Page Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel

Watch this detailed description of pivot tables. It explains when you should use a pivot table, how to create them, and how to edit one to get the information you want.

Page Pivot Tables in Google Sheets

Watch this tutorial on how to create a pivot table in Google Sheets.

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