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Course Syllabus Page Course Syllabus
Unit 1: Dimensions of Organizational Communication Page Workplace Communication

Explore workplace communication and discover helpful tips to enhance your communication skills before entering the workforce in this brief video.

Book What Is Organizational Communication?

Delve into this resource to gain an understanding of how organizations communicate. It breaks down key concepts in organizational communication, making it easier for you to grasp the basics in this ever-changing field. Additionally, it explores various perspectives illustrating how communication operates within organizations and delves into their communication challenges.

Book Unpacking Our Conversations

The question "What are you doing?" always entails communication, whether with oneself or others, through spoken or written words, or through nonverbal expressions. Dive into this discussion on organizational relationships and communication, exploring their practical applications.

Page Internal Communication

Communication is the cornerstone of an organization. Watch this video to gain insights into strategies that companies can employ to enhance communication and employee engagement.

Book Crafting Strong Arguments

In organizational communication, a key skill is supporting your ideas for effective presentations. This page delves into the practical aspects of organizational communication. Pay close attention to barriers in communication, various communication types and channels, and the role of ethics in the workplace.

Unit 2: Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Business Communication Book What Is Interpersonal Communication?

Explore interpersonal communication and its functions through this comprehensive read. Investigate key concepts such as self-disclosure and the impact of communication climate on interpersonal interactions, shaping the dynamics of communication overall.

Book Interpersonal Communication Processes

You have seen some of these concepts already, but this page reinforces the elements of interpersonal communications and relationship-building.

Page Interpersonal Communication Strategies

Review these practical examples of interpersonal communication strategies that can boost your career by strengthening relationships.

Page Workplace Communication Tactics

These dramatizations are examples of coworkers in a hospital setting exhibiting interpersonal communication tactics. They discuss how we might use communication in the workplace to be more empathetic, manage conflicts, and improve relationships. For each scenario, there is an empathetic interaction and a realistic interaction.

Page Improving Workplace Communication

Watch this video to gain insights into cultivating positive interpersonal and group relationships in the workplace. Learn about strategies such as developing friendships in the office to establish social and organizational support. These tactics are especially beneficial for new hires seeking to understand organizational dynamics and procedures.

Page Introverts and Communication

In a society that values being social and outgoing the most, being an introvert can be tough. This talk discusses the importance of organizational communication that ensures that introverts and extroverts are included.

Page Generations Working Together

Explore insights on the four generations in the workplace: Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials (Generation Y), along with the emerging Generation Z (Zoomers), by watching this video. It emphasizes the importance for management teams to understand and appreciate each cohort's strengths, communication preferences, and technology acumen.

Page Social Media in the Workplace

This video discusses social media in the workplace, which has become a topic of concern in organizational communication as more employees use technology on the job and for personal gratification.

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