• Unit 2: First Steps in HTML and CSS Coding

    In the second unit, we will begin to learn the syntax rules that enable us to read and write HTML and CSS files. This unit is divided into two subunits. The first subunit provides the core syntax rules needed to begin marking up text in HTML, while the second gives you the skills you need to start formatting text with CSS. Throughout this unit, you should attempt to incorporate new elements and techniques into your ongoing "index.htm" site and/or your "mystylesheets.css" file. Remember to keep backups every step of the way!

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 7 hours.

    • 2.1: Core Concepts in HTML Coding

      • 2.1.1: HTML Comments

      • 2.1.2: HTML Hyperlinks

      • 2.1.3: HTML Lists

      • 2.1.4: HTML Tables

      • 2.1.5: HTML Quotations

    • 2.2: Core Concepts in CSS Coding

      • 2.2.1: Comments in External CSS Files

      • 2.2.2: Basic Syntax for Styles in CSS

      • 2.2.3: Formatting Text Using CSS

      • 2.2.4: Inline Styles, Embedded CSS, and Externally Linked CSS

      • 2.2.5: CSS Selectors

      • 2.2.6: Cascading, Inheritance, and Conflicting Styles in CSS

    • Unit 2 Assessment