• Unit 3: Using HTML and CSS for Colors, Special Characters, Images, and Multimedia Content

    In this unit, we will learn syntax and establish guidelines for creating visually interesting websites. This unit is divided into five subunits. The first subunit addresses the use of color on the Web, and demonstrates how to incorporate colored text, backgrounds, and apply color to other website elements. This subunit also discusses special considerations that should affect color choice, but a full discussion of this topic should be pursued in the course of studying graphic design for the Web. The second subunit addresses the use of special characters like punctuation marks, accented letters, and special symbols on the Web. The third and fourth subunits discuss how to include images and video in HTML documents, and the final unit discusses how to format these media objects using CSS.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 7 hours.

    • 3.1: Colors on the Web

        • 3.1.1: Some Different Approaches to Specifying Color in HTML and CSS

        • 3.1.2: Selecting Colors Wisely for Web Publishing

      • 3.2: Special Characters in HTML Documents

      • 3.3: Putting Images on the Web using HTML

      • 3.4: Putting Video on the Web using HTML

      • 3.5: Using CSS for Graphical Formatting

          • 3.5.1: Background Colors and Images Using CSS

          • 3.5.2: The Element-Box Model in CSS

          • 3.5.3: Positioning and Sizing Elements using CSS

          • 3.5.4: Formatting Tables using CSS

          • 3.5.5: Formatting Lists using CSS

        • Unit 3 Assessment