• Unit 9: Regression and Correlation

    Up to this point we have studied univariate data. This type of data studies one item, such as weight loss or IQ or miles per gallon. But in Unit 9, we expand our study of statistics to include bivariate data, which is the relationship between two numerical measures. These might include the relationship between calories eaten and pounds lost, or the number of hours studied and the score on an exam. The study of bivariate data allows us to see if knowledge of one variable (the number of registered boats in Florida, for example) can predict the value of another variable (the number of manatees killed) with some degree of accuracy.

    In Unit 9, we will learn how to create a scatterplot from our data and then use sophisticated mathematical techniques to determine the best linear equation that relates the two variables. We will calculate the correlation between the variables and test hypotheses about the strength of the linear relationship between them.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 10 hours.