• Unit 7: Social Psychology

    Human beings are social beings. As psychologists, we acknowledge this fact by studying the ways in which an individual's social environment impacts his or her emotional and mental functioning. This is called social psychology - the focus of this unit. We will discuss the social behavior of individuals, groups, and entire societies as well as the influences that our relationships to these entities have on us as individuals. The readings conclude with a discussion of the theories related to human motivation and emotion.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 8 hours.

    • 7.1: Social Thinking

      • 7.1.1: The Attribution Theory

      • 7.1.2: The Fundamental Attribution Error

    • 7.2: Social Influence

        • 7.2.1: Obedience and Stanley Milgram's Shock Experiment

        • 7.2.2: Group Influence

      • 7.3: Other Interpersonal Phenomena

          • 7.3.1: Stereotypes

          • 7.3.2: Hostile and Helping Behavior

        • 7.4: Emotion and Motivation

        • Unit 7 Assessment

          • Receive a grade Receive a pass grade