• Unit 2: Speaking Confidently

    Unfortunately, understanding the anxiety which you may experience about public speaking does not necessarily help to alleviate it. However, as this unit of the course emphasizes, recognizing how your anxiety manifests itself in your behavior and then being able to try out a few recommendations for managing it can at least make you feel more empowered to carry on regardless. This unit will explore what is communication apprehension, where it comes from, and suggestions and tips on how it can be minimized.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 5 hours.

    • 2.1: What is Communication Apprehension?

    • 2.2: Sources of Communication Apprehension

    • 2.3: Reducing Communication Apprehension

    • 2.4: Coping with the Unexpected

    • 2.5: Unit 2 Exercises