• Unit 8: The Body of a Speech

    This unit of the course deviates from the order of content presented in the textbook by presenting material on developing the body of your speech before material on developing the speech's introduction. This has been done because an introduction introduces the body of the speech, but if the body of the speech does not exist yet, the speaker has nothing to base the introduction on. This unit also begins the second half of the course, which focuses on actually developing a speech. Moreover, because public speaking requires performance as well as comprehension, starting with this unit, the rest of this course includes a number of assignments which challenge you to apply the information you obtain to specific tasks associated with writing or presenting a speech.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 5 hours.

    • 8.1: Determining Your Main Ideas

    • 8.2: Using Common Organizing Patterns

    • 8.3: Keeping Your Speech Moving

    • 8.4: Analyzing a Speech Body

    • 8.5: Unit 8 Exercises