• Unit 13: Presentation Aids: Design and Usage

    Decisions and opportunities associated with the design and use of presentation aids are innumerable, making it difficult to decide where to begin, but not if you approach such aids systematically. Many students err in this area when they develop the entire contents of their speeches first and then go back and attempt to fit some aids into the presentation – or even more commonly, simply used such aids to summarize content. Developing aids in such an isolated way almost always results in materials which do not strengthen a presentation, and sometimes even weaken it considerably. Systematically approaching the development of presentation aids means you select identify what you will require "as you go". For example, you have been advised in this course to develop the body section of your speech first. That section is controlled by main points and fleshed out by supporting details and evidence. As you identify the contents for each of these elements, you should ask yourself whether they would be enhanced – made more powerful, clearer, more memorable, or just more understandable – if aided. In other words, you should have a reason for including every presentation aid you use.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 8 hours.

    • 13.1: Presentation Aids: Design and Usage

    • 13.2: Selecting Presentation Aids

    • 13.3: Traits of Well-Designed Presentation Aids

    • 13.4: Unit 13 Exercises