• Unit 1: Crisis Communication Introduction

    The resources assigned for Unit 1 will give you the basic framework for understanding crisis communication and its application in a professional business environment. This unit will discuss what crisis communication involves, types of crises, crisis responses, and crisis communication management. By explaining how crisis communication relates to organizational communication and then looking at problems that lead to crisis communication, you can learn the definition and principles of crisis communication and can develop a deeper understanding of its value in today's marketplace. This unit will also provide a brief introduction to the evolution of using social media during crisis. Later in the course, Unit 3 will expand on the discussion of the value of using social media in crisis communication management.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 3 hours.

    • 1.1: What Is Crisis Communication?

    • 1.2: Types of Crises

    • 1.3: Crisis Management Stages

    • 1.4: Four Types of Crisis Response

    • 1.5: The Evolution of Using Social Media in Disaster Response

    • Unit 1 Assessment

      • Receive a grade