• Unit 6: Policymaking in American Government

    After having explored the foundations, political behavior, and institutions of the American political system, this final unit looks at public policy in the United States, the place where all of these other components of the American political system intersect. The unit will begin examining the general policy-making process and how each branch of government impacts American public policy. Then, the unit will take a deeper look into the three major realms of public policy – economic, social, and foreign affairs policy. In each of these realms, theories of policy will be discussed, and then you will look closer at how policy has been implemented over time. This unit is a fitting way to end the course as it demonstrates how everything that you've learned thus far comes together to shape the various public policies that impact American society as a whole.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 19 hours.

    • 6.1: Making Public Policy

      • Checkpoint

    • 6.2: Economic Policy

      • 6.2.1: Theories of Economic Policy

      • 6.2.2: The Federal Budget Process

      • Checkpoint

    • 6.3: Domestic Policy

        • 6.3.1: Federal "Entitlement" Programs

        • 6.3.2: Public Assistance and Welfare Reform

        • 6.3.3: Education Policy

        • Checkpoint

      • 6.4: Foreign and Defense Policy

        • 6.4.1: Making Foreign Policy: Key Players and Institutions

        • 6.4.2: American Foreign Policy: Past, Present, and Future

        • 6.4.3: Global Policy Issues

        • Checkpoint

      • Unit 6 Assessment