• Unit 8: Using and Improving Your Memory Skills

    This short unit focuses exclusively on improving your memory skills. Memorization is an interesting problem for the college student because, unlike in high school, just knowing a list of facts is unlikely to be the end goal of your learning. You will need to memorize information in college in order to perform the higher-level thinking skills that were discussed in Unit 5 of this course.

    Because memorization is a common study skill for high school subjects, you may already have specific strategies that you employ. Nonetheless, as with the other critical undergraduate skills of listening, note-taking, reading, and writing, you can improve your memorization skills by studying the advanced memorization techniques discussed in this unit.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 4 hours.

    • 8.1: Review Information to Remember It

        • 8.1.1: How Memory Works (The Brain Science of Memory and Short-Term vs. Long-Term Memory)

        • 8.1.2: Tips for Putting Information in Long-Term Memory

        • 8.1.3: Using Mnemonic Devices

        • 8.1.4: Active Reviewing Techniques

      • 8.2: Exercises to Improve Memory and Retention

      • Unit 8 Assessment

        • Receive a grade