• Unit 9: Be Ready For Tests and Test Anxiety

    This unit will present you with strategies you can use to study for tests, reduce or eliminate stress related to test-taking, commonly called test anxiety, and increase your skills in taking tests.

    The weeks and days before a test are a great time to remind yourself of an important point: being a college student is voluntary! Put another way, you are in college because it will help you achieve the goals you set out at the beginning of this course. If you approach tests as an opportunity to see how well you are doing, rather than as a punishment or trial, you will find it easier for you to have a positive attitude about the process. Nearly every student has experienced test anxiety at some point, so if it happens to you, do not see it as a sign of failure. Instead, learn the strategies presented in this unit so that when test anxiety appears, you will have the emotional tools to manage it.

    One of the most effective strategies for avoiding excessive anxiety during an exam is being well-prepared for the exam itself. Feeling confident about the material comes from studying effectively and often, and from feeling healthy and well-rested on the exam day. This unit also covers strategies for actually taking a test, including understanding the different question types, which questions to answer first, and other useful tips.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 11 hours.

    • 9.1: Why Test?

    • 9.2: Why Stress?

    • 9.3: How to Be Prepared for the Test

    • 9.4: Types of Tests and Strategies for Each

    • 9.5: General Strategies for Test-Taking

    • 9.6: Types of Test Questions and Strategies for Each

    • 9.7: Academic Honesty

    • 9.8: After the Test

    • 9.9: Practice Your Test-Taking Skills

    • Unit 9 Assessment

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