• Unit 11: Managing Your Health and Stress

    You may be aware that poor health can be a major cause of stress, but did you know that prolonged stress can also cause bad health? Especially if being a college student coincides with your first experience living away from your parents, or if you are balancing school with work or your own family life, college can present new and stressful academic, social, and financial challenges. Managing your responsibilities well includes managing the stress they may cause you, and this unit provides you with proven strategies for stress management that can help.

    For some people, one of the biggest challenges about stress is recognizing the symptoms of stress before they are out of control. Others struggle with identifying the causes of their stress. This unit will present you with strategies to help you realize when you are feeling stress and pinpoint the cause of that stress. It will also give you techniques for managing and reducing stress, both in the short- and the long-term.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 17 hours.

    • 11.1: What Kind of Student Are You?

    • 11.2: The Elements of a Healthful Lifestyle

      • 11.2.1: Nutrition and Weight Control

      • 11.2.2: Activity and Exercise

      • 11.2.3: Getting Enough Sleep

      • 11.2.4: Substance Use and Abuse

    • 11.3: What Exactly Is Stress?

    • 11.4: What Causes Stress?

    • 11.5: The Effects of Stress

    • 11.6: Responses to Stress

    • 11.7: Positive Responses

    • 11.8: Emotional Health and Happiness

    • 11.9: Relationships

    • 11.10: Sexual Health

    • 11.11: Evaluate Your Stress Levels

    • Unit 11 Assessment

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