• Unit 13: Your Career After College

    The time to think about what you will do after college is now! You may have already given this considerable thought in Unit 1, but the final unit of this course will give you some practical guidelines for preparing the specific tools and elements of a successful job search, as well as the knowledge you need to organize yourself for your entire career, not just your first job.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 18 hours.

    • 13.1: Finding a Career

    • 13.2: Choosing Your Major

    • 13.3: Getting the Right Stuff

    • 13.4: Thinking About Your Career Now

    • 13.5: Résumés and Cover Letters

    • 13.6: The Job Interview

    • 13.7: Create Your Own Résumé and Cover Letter

    • Unit 13 Assessment