• Unit 9: Mendelian Genetics and Chromosomes

    Do you ever wonder why you look like your brother or sister or where you got your freckles from? Are you concerned about developing a disease another family member struggles with? These are the types of questions that we can answer with an understanding of genetics. In this unit, we learn about the basic principles of inheritance and how likely it is to pass on certain traits from one generation to another.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 5 hours.

    • 9.1: Introduction to Genetics

      Genetics is the study of heredity and how different characteristics are passed from generation to generation. It is also the study of variation of characteristics that is important for the diversity of life. Scientists have studied the laws of inheritance and the many exceptions that occur. We often say that our genes give us our traits. That's true, but only indirectly.

    • 9.2: Heredity

      Heredity is the study of how characteristics are passed from parent to offspring. Genetic information is physically expressed through the production of proteins. We call this physical expression the phenotype. Scientists study the probability of certain phenotypes being passed to future generations to help demonstrate the laws of heredity.

    • Unit 9 Assessment

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