• Unit 4: How Art Works – The Principles of Visual Language

    In this unit, you will begin to learn the terms that used to describe and analyze any work of art, and you will explore the principles of design – the means by which the elements in a work of art are arranged and orchestrated. Just as spoken language is based on phonemes, syntax, and semantics, visual art is based on elements and principles that, when used together, create works that communicate ideas and meaning to the viewer. We can think of them as the building blocks of an artwork's composition – the organized layout of an image or object, according to the principles of design.

    Completing this unit should take approximately 8 hours.

    • 4.1: The Basic Elements

    • 4.2: Space, Value, Color, and Texture

    • 4.3: The Principles of Design

    • Unit 4 Wrap-up

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