• Unit 7: Our World – Nature, the Body, Identity, Sexuality, Politics, and Power

    In this unit, we will look at how artists express and interpret our world. If nothing else, visual art provides an avenue for self-expression. As a primary source of inspiration, artists express attitudes, feelings, and sentiments about environments through personal experiences, social interaction, and relationships with the natural world. In short, art helps us perceive and react to our place in the world. In Unit 1, we referred to description as one of many roles art takes on, but this description is often imbued with the artist's subjective take on the world. In this unit, we will examine how art operates as a vehicle for human expression – a kind of collective visual metaphor that helps to define who we are.

    Completing this unit should take approximately 5 hours.

    • 7.1: Identity

    • 7.2: Self-Portraits

    • 7.3: The Natural World

    • 7.4: Social, Collaborative, and Political Art

    • Unit 7 Wrap-Up

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