• Unit 9: Art in Time and Place – The Western World

    The formal and stylistic aspects of artworks are often determined largely by the era and location in which they were created. In this unit, we will study art through its evolution in time and place in the Western world. You will develop the tools you need to identify the major formal and stylistic trends punctuating the timeline of Western art history. This approach will enable us to see the relationship between works of art and their specific social-historical contexts. This unit will also reveal a certain continuum that runs through Western art from Ancient Greece to modern times.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 12 hours.

    • 9.1: The Earliest Art

    • 9.2: Art of the Ancient Near East and Egypt

    • 9.3: Art in Ancient Greece and Rome

    • 9.4: Art During the Middle Ages

    • 9.5: European Art During the Renaissance

    • 9.6: Baroque and Rococo Art

    • 9.7: 18th and 19th Century European Art

    • 9.8: Modern Art: Realism vs. Academic Art

    • 9.9: Impressionism

    • 9.10: Post-Impressionism

    • 9.11: The Early 20th Century

    • 9.12: World War II and Beyond

    • Unit 9 Wrap-Up

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