• Unit 3: External Communication: Formal Letters

    While memos are used for internal communication and emails for both internal and external communication, formal letters are mainly used as an external means of communication. Understanding when a communications context requires the more formal delivery of a physical letter falls under the initial considerations of the audience analysis and design/formatting stages of the writing process.

    Letters can range from friendly introductions to more formal announcements with accompanying legal documents. In their more serious capacity, letters seek to create a formal and documented chain of communication. 

    Two main formats exist for letters: the block format and the indented format. Both require the recipient’s and sender’s full names and addresses. They begin with a formal salutation and end with a complimentary closing. Their formal structure helps to convey authority and credibility.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 6 hours.

    • 3.1: Overview of Formal Letter Writing

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    • 3.2: Business Letter Format

    • 3.3: Common Letter Purposes

        • 3.3.1: Application Letters

        • 3.3.2: Inquiry Letters

        • 3.3.3: Complaint and Adjustment Letters

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      • Unit 3 Assessment

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