• Unit 4: Using Visuals to Convey Information

    Words are not the only way to present and share information with an audience. Technical writing often utilizes visuals to accompany written information and further deliver information to the audience. This unit leads you through the types of visuals available and the best practices for using them.

    Visuals take many forms; they can be as simple as a photograph of a plant specimen or pie chart breaking down enrollment data or as complex as an embedded video or multi-page, hyperlinked, organizational chart. Visuals must be carefully selected to support the audience's understanding of the topic.

    However strong they are on their own, visuals must be integrated into the text of the document. The written word supports the visuals, and the visuals further exemplify the meaning of the text. The two work in tandem to support the main idea of the document.

    This unit will also cover the important tools needed to properly label, title, and document visuals used in a given communication context.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 11 hours.

    • 4.1: Visuals Based on Numeric Data

    • 4.2: Other Types of Visuals

        • 4.2.1: Choosing Graphics

        • 4.2.2: Types of Graphics

        • 4.2.3: Using Existing Images: Understanding Copyright

      • 4.3: Multimedia in Technical Writing

      • 4.4: Integrating Visuals

      • 4.5: Ethics

        • Unit 4 Assessment