• Unit 6: Writing Proposals

    Proposals are another common form of technical writing. These reports can either be formal or informal depending on the context. Some examples of proposals can be simple estimates for home improvement projects to more complex and formal business plans. This unit covers how to craft proposals.

    Like process documents, proposals also rely on formatting to help them convey professionalism and appeal to the audience. Appealing to the audience is key given the persuasive nature of proposal writing. Proposals seek to persuade the audience to take action on a requested item or task. 

    Like other forms of technical writing, a proposal begins with audience analysis and moves through the steps of planning, writing, and revision.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 4 hours.

    • 6.1: Planning for a Proposal

    • 6.2: Tools of Persuasion

    • 6.3: Writing a Proposal

      • Make a submission
    • 6.4: Formatting

    • Unit 6 Assessment

      • Receive a grade
      • Receive a grade
      • Receive a grade