• Unit 3: Fractions

    Fractions are very easy to work with if you learn the rules. After all, fractions are everywhere.

    Have you ever eaten a Hershey's chocolate bar? It is conveniently broken up into little pieces, allowing you the option to devour in big bites or to savor tiny little morsels. Let's say you have a Hershey's bar sitting on your dining room table. Your oldest child cheerfully announces that she has eaten half of the bar, and her younger brother has eaten a quarter of the bar. If you know how to work with fractions, you can quickly calculate how much of the bar is left.

    Fractions appear in many other situations such as sale prices, measurements, money, gardening; the list of applications is virtually endless. In this unit, you will learn to work with fractions. You will learn how to reduce them, how to add/subtract/multiply/divide them, and how to apply them to real-world situations.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 38 hours.