• Unit 3: Word Problems

    In this unit, you will apply the skill of solving equations you mastered in Unit 2 to solve various types of word problems. When you encounter a word problem, you have to remember to read it carefully and think critically about what quantity you are asked to find, what quantities are known, and what the relationship is between them. This will help you set up an equation that will give you an answer to the problem. For example, if you know the discounted price of an item and need to find the original price, remember that the percent of the discount is taken from this original price, which is something you do not know!

    You probably already know how to solve some of the problems covered in this unit, such as percent problems or uniform motion problems that can be solved by one arithmetic operation. However, you will now approach these types of problems from the algebraic point of view, which will enable you to move on to more complex problems. In these problems, you cannot just add/subtract and multiply/divide the quantities given and arrive at the answer. These problems can only be solved by setting up an equation.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 13 hours.