• Unit 2: Europe

    Understanding the concept of Europe, from the the Roman Empire through the European Union (EU), is essential to understanding geography. The affects of European colonialism are still felt today, and the continent still struggles with cultural forces that unite and divide it. The rural-to-urban shift prompted by the Industrial Revolution first arose in Europe and continues to affect developing countries.

    This unit begins by exploring of the physical characteristics and natural resources of Europe. Then, it looks at Europe's division until the 20th century, its efforts toward unification, and how the European Union has increased the rate of globalization. Europe is large and rich in history – let's spend some time exploring it.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 4 hours.

    • MapCheck: Europe

    • 2.1: Introducing Europe

    • 2.2: Historical Development Patterns

    • 2.3: Regions of Western Europe

    • 2.4: Eastern Europe