• Unit 7: Sub-Saharan Africa

    Sub-Saharan Africa includes the countries south of the Sahara Desert, and many of the countries in the African Transition Zone. This area is further broken down into the regions of Central, East, West, and Southern Africa. The Horn of Africa is at the eastern end of the African Transition Zone, which we include in the region of East Africa. Maps vary in terms of which countries are included in each region, but this geographic breakdown will help us identify the locations and characteristics of the countries in this region. Madagascar is a large island off the southeastern coast of Africa, and is usually not included with the other regions since its geographic qualities and biodiversity are very different from the mainland.

    We will begin our look at Sub-Saharan Africa with an analysis of its physical characteristics. We will then see which kingdoms and empires shaped its culture and people, and review look at how colonialism affected the region. As our journey through the regions of the world has shown, we cannot escape the cultural, political, and economic impact of European colonialism, no matter where we go.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 5 hours.

    • MapCheck: Sub-Saharan Africa

    • 7.1: Introducing Sub-Saharan Africa

    • 7.2: Human Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa

    • 7.3: West Africa

    • 7.4: Central Africa

    • 7.5: East Africa

    • 7.6: Southern Africa