• Unit 4: Reading to Write

    Unit 4 brings together what you learned in units 1 through 3. In this unit you will read short descriptions of people’s daily activities. Then, you will write a few sentences about yourself. Finally, you will review your writing and post it for your classmates’ feedback.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 3 hours.
    • 4.1: Read More!

      The more we read, the more we write! Reading in English teaches you new words and shows you how words fit together in sentences. As you learn English, give yourself time to read often. You can read about anything you like: sports, fashion, movies, games, the list goes on and on. As long as you're reading, you're learning!

    • 4.2: Write About Yourself

      The stories about Nasreddin explain what happens to him using chronological order, this means that the story follows a timeline from beginning to end. We often use chronological order when we write about our daily activities. You can use this same order to write about your own day. Think about what you do in a typical day. For example, you wake up, eat breakfast, and get dressed.

    • 4.3: Review Your Writing

      The first thing we do when we write is get our ideas down on paper. After that, we need to review our writing for any errors. Did you spell all the words correctly? Are the sentences in the correct order? Will our reader understand us?

    • Unit 4 Assessment