• Unit 3: Bitcoin History and Philosophy

    Bitcoin wasn't formed in a vacuum. There's a rich history of cypherpunks, privacy activists, and free-market libertarians who contributed to the preceding culture and technologies. In this unit, we will contrast Bitcoin with predecessor technologies and businesses, such as BitGold, b-money, HashCash, and e-gold. Bitcoin has also faced various tests in terms of social attacks that have forced a response from the Bitcoin community to defend or strengthen Bitcoin. One interesting case is SegWit2X, where large Bitcoin businesses and miners attempted a hostile takeover of Bitcoin that was repelled by Bitcoin users.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 3 hours.

    • 3.1: Cypherpunk History

    • 3.2: Predecessor Technologies

    • 3.3: Bitcoin History

    • Unit 3 Recap

    • Unit 3 Assessment

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