• Unit 1: Business English

    This unit will introduce you to business English. You're probably familiar with writing for school assignments and writing for personal communication. There are many different types of writing, each with its own set of guidelines. Writing for business or professional purposes has a set of guidelines to help writers communicate clearly and effectively. We refer to different ways of writing as genres. In this unit, you'll learn about the different genres of business writing, how to use direct communication, and what kind of words to use when writing for business. Finally, you'll have the opportunity to practice some of the elements found in business writing and use direct communication.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 6 hours.

    • 1.1: What is Business English?

      When we talk about genre, we're really talking about the audience, organization, and writing style. When you send an email to a friend, you may be casual and funny; when you write a paper for a class, you may include research; and when you write a memo for a business partner, you'll use a formal tone and specific words. The section will introduce you to the basics of business writing.

    • 1.2: Direct vs. Indirect Communication

      Words are tools for communication, and when we use them, we want to be clearly understood. Unfortunately, words can be confusing if not used correctly. In business writing, it is extremely important to be understood. If you don't use direct, clear language in business, you could risk losing money and workers or even get the business into legal trouble. We call the misuse of words that can lead to miscommunication "barriers" because they block our ability to be understood. This section will help you understand direct language and the different kinds of barriers that can create indirect wording and miscommunication in business writing.

    • Unit 1 Assessment

      • Receive a grade