• Unit 1: Getting Started with Spreadsheets

    In this unit, you will learn about the power and flexibility of spreadsheets, using Microsoft Excel. This unit will briefly survey the history and background of Excel. There are two subunits that contain specific content that will provide an introduction to Excel. As you become more familiar with the software, you will start to overcome any fear about learning spreadsheet software. This unit and this course will help you become more productive in using spreadsheets at work and for personal applications. For example, in this unit, you will see two practical examples of using a spreadsheet: to create a family budget and to create a work estimate.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 1 hour.

    • 1.1: Basic Terms and Definitions in Excel

        • 1.1.1: Cells, Rows, and Columns

        • 1.1.2: Sheets and Workbooks

      • 1.2: The Flexibility and Breadth of Application of Excel

          • 1.2.1: The Family Budget

          • 1.2.2: The Work Estimate

        • Unit 1 Assessment