• Unit 3: Spreadsheet Design and Implementation

    The final unit of this course will build upon the concepts discussed in the previous units. You will apply what you have learned by creating a spreadsheet that can be used in a real world environment. The design of the columns and rows allows you and those who view your spreadsheet to quickly understand how the cells relate to one another. If you set up your spreadsheet correctly, you will be able to make quick data calculations. For example, you could quickly demonstrate the costs for specific services or products to potential clients. Also, spreadsheet functions can be used with home budgeting, grade averaging, quotes, invoices, cost analysis, etc. Do not be afraid to experiment, as spreadsheets can be instrumental to saving time in our business and personal lives.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 1 hour.

    • 3.1: The Purpose of Spreadsheets

    • 3.2: Putting the Fun in Functions

    • 3.3: Organization Is Key

    • Unit 3 Assessment