• Unit 3: Spreadsheet Design and Implementation

    The way we design the columns and rows of our spreadsheet helps us present data to our audience in a way that lets them quickly understand how the information in each cell relates to that in the other cells. When you configure your spreadsheet correctly, you can also perform data calculations quickly and efficiently. In this unit, we will explore two common spreadsheets applications: budgets and work statements. We will use these examples to study how to optimize the design of our spreadsheets.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 1 hour.

    • 3.1: Creating a Budget

      We can use spreadsheet software to create budgets for personal and business applications by using the formatting and formula functions we discussed earlier. Let's look at three examples of how to use a spreadsheet to manage a budget.

    • 3.2: Creating an Invoice or Work Estimate

      In business, we often need to make invoices, billing statements, and work estimates. We can accomplish all of these tasks using spreadsheet software.

    • Unit 3 Assessment

      • Receive a grade