• Unit 3: Java in Practice

    Now that you have a basic understanding of object-orientation, we'll move on to the practicalities of Java, which is the programming language we'll be studying. The Java-related concepts you will learn in this unit are in many cases directly transferable to a number of other languages. We will begin by learning about "Hello World", a basic software application that simply prints "Hello World" to the screen as a means of demonstrating the most essential elements of a programming language, and will then move on to discuss variables, literals, data types, and operators. In addition, we will also learn about two different styles of adding comments to the code. By the end of this unit, you should have an understanding of Java basics and be prepared to apply those concepts later in the course.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 9 hours.

    • 3.1: Compiling and Executing a Java Program

    • 3.2: Working with Classes

    • 3.3: Importing Libraries

    • 3.4: Primitive Data Types

    • 3.5: Basic Operations in Java

    • 3.6: The String Class

    • Unit 3 Assessment

      • Receive a grade