• Unit 1: Before the Interview

    In this unit we help you prepare for a professional job interview. While most people think about job interviews in terms of how well you can convince a potential employer that you are the best person to fill their job opening, remember that the interview is also your opportunity to learn more about the company where you might work, and ask questions about your future job responsibilities. After you have had several successful job interviews, we hope you have the opportunity to choose among several job offers.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 2 hours.

    • 1.1: Put Your Best Foot Forward

      Your parents, teachers, and advisers have probably told you how important it is to create a positive first impression. What does this mean during the job interview process? Does it refer to what you wear, what you say, or how you present yourself? For all of these, the answer is yes. In this section, you will learn that it is not enough to give information about your interests and qualifications for a job. To leave a favorable and lasting impression, you must also communicate your interest in the position through your appearance, body language, and your interactions with the interviewer.

    • 1.2: Dress for Success for Your Industry

      What should you wear to your job interview? Employers notice when you have tried to dress appropriately to make a good first impression. In a subtle way, your effort shows you are conscientious and will make similar efforts to impress if you are hired. How you present yourself is especially important if you are applying for a job where you will be meeting with customers and clients.

    • 1.3: Preparing for the Interview

      If you have taken our course on resume writing, PRDV102, you know that you should spend some time to research and plan how to showcase your qualifications to a potential employer. An invitation to an interview gives you the opportunity to present yourself as the most desirable candidate for a position opening. Whether or not you receive an offer or choose to accept one, the interview experience will give you the confidence to pursue future career opportunities. During the interview, you should display your knowledge about the company, personal employment goals, professional strengths, and weaknesses if you are asked. Preparation is key.