• Unit 3: Negotiating Compensation

    Discussions of salary requirements during the interview can be tricky. There are no absolutes about when you may be asked your salary requirements: It can be during the initial screening interview on the telephone, casually asked during the interview, or during a second (or even a third) interview. Whenever salary questions arise, you are expected to have knowledge of comparable positions in your labor market as well as your competitive market value. The resources in this unit will provide guidance to assist you in researching this information and to prepare you to get the salary you deserve!

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 1 hour.

    • 3.1: Preparing for Salary Discussions

      You may have had several interviews or this may be your first interview. In either case, the subject of salary may have the effect of making you feel embarrassed or shy. This is definitely not the time to hide your light under a bushel! Employers expect candidates to be informed about their marketability for a given level of job in a particular industry. The good news is that if a question is asked of you regarding salary requirements, the interviewer is probably interested in learning more about you or even intends to make you an offer. The readings below provide information about factors to consider when determining your value to an employer and how to turn the salary discussion into a desirable offer.

        • 3.1.1: Salary Scenarios and Questions

        • 3.1.2: Understand the Rules of the Game

        • 3.1.3: Negotiating Job Perks

      • Unit 3 Assessment