• Unit 6: Project Implementation and Closure

    The final phase of the project life cycle is the implementation and closure phase. This includes winding down tasks, implementing the product or service to the client or internally within the organization, releasing staff and conducting a lessons-learned review. This phase is very crucial to preventing the project from moving beyond the original scope and budget as defined in the baseline project plan. There must be acceptance of the project deliverables and feedback must be sought regarding project performance. Evaluation reports must also be created and lessons-learned, or post-mortem meeting must be held to discuss project strengths and weaknesses. Outstanding contributors are also recognized during this phase and the achievements of the overall project team are celebrated.

    This unit will review how to close down projects and use the insights gained to make improvements going forward; it will also discuss how to celebrate the team for peak-performance and how to seek and obtain customer feedback and acceptance.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 7 hours.

    • 6.1: Project Implementation

    • 6.2: Acceptance of Deliverables and Client Approval

    • 6.3: Project Procurement and Closure

    • Unit 6 Discussion and Assessment

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