• Unit 2: Transforming to a Data-Driven Decision-Making Enterprise

    Data and technology are not the only components of a successful DDDM initiative. The enterprise must also address three continuums: data/technology, people/organization, and processes/workflow. Together, these three aspects comprise the DDDM change model, and they must be managed and implemented simultaneously for a DDDM initiative to be successful. There are milestones that a company must complete before moving forward in a DDDM initiative. This unit will cover the DDDM implementation process as a whole and the milestones within the process for each of these three continuums. It will also present the factors required for building a successful, analytics-focused organization.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 1 hour.

    • 2.1: DDDM Implementation Continuums

      • 2.1.1: Data/Technology

      • 2.1.2: Organizational/People

      • 2.1.3: Process/Workflow

    • 2.2: Critical Success Factors

    • Study Guide: Unit 2

      We recommend reviewing this Study Guide before taking the Unit 2 Assessment.

    • Unit 2 Assessment

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