• Unit 6: Creating Effective Visualizations

    Effective visualizations help users present data in such a way that the audience can easily comprehend it. There are best practices for creating compelling visualizations, and when used properly, these visualizations can tell illuminating stories. Visualization requirements can change depending on the audience they are presented to. Senior management may want the highlights or the "big picture", while middle managers may want to see the detail that supports the conclusions presented in the visualization. This unit examines visualization best practices in light of human visual comprehension and the audience being presented to. Emphasis will be on using the data to tell a story such that the analysis conclusion is comprehendible by all.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 6 hours.

    • 6.1: Best Practices in Visualization

    • 6.2: How to Think about Visualization

    • 6.3: Telling a Story with Data

    • Study Guide: Unit 6

      We recommend reviewing this Study Guide before taking the Unit 6 Assessment.

    • Unit 6 Assessment

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