• Unit 4: Scanning and Lexical Analysis

    Lexical analysis is performed by a scanner, one of the front-end components of a compiler. The foundation for lexical analysis is provided by regular grammars and finite state automata. This unit studies scanners and lexical analysis in terms of development process products: requirements, functions, design, construction, and test. The verification of a scanner is done through testing. Validation is based on the programming language specifications, and operation of the scanner as a component of the compiler or application system that uses it.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 12 hours.

    • 4.1: Lexical Analysis Introduction and Overview

    • 4.2: Requirements for a Scanner

    • 4.3: Review of Regular Expressions, FSAs, and Regular Languages

    • 4.4: Design of a Scanner

    • 4.5: Construction of a Scanner

    • 4.6: Verification and Validation of a Scanner