• Unit 2: Strategic Human Resource Planning and Staffing

    Now that we have discussed the core components of HR strategy, let's explore how to identify human capital by assessing and defining all of the jobs within an organization. Recognizing the best people to hire can be difficult. Job descriptions often do a poor job of detailing the employment environment. By conducting a proper job analysis of all of the roles within a firm, hiring managers can best identify the abilities future employees should possess for specific jobs. The keys to success often depend on your ability to learn on the job, correct mistakes, and manage a stressful situation, rather than your knowledge of a particular computer program. In this unit, we explore how to translate the demands of a job into an accurate job description.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 10 hours.

    • 2.1: Overview of a Job Analysis (JA)

    • 2.2: A, B, and C Jobs: People (Human Capital)

    • 2.3: Competency Modeling and KSAs

    • 2.4: Job Description and Job Specification