Globalization and the Digital Divide

Refining the Digital Divide

The Miniwatts Marketing Group, host of Internet World Stats, has sought in 2018 to further clarify the meaning of digital divide by acknowledging that the divide is more than just who does or does not have access to the Internet. In addition to Nielsen's economic, usability, and empowerment divides, this group sees the following concerns.

  • Social mobility. Lack of computer education works to the disadvantage of children with lower socioeconomic status.
  • Democracy. Greater use of the Internet can lead to healthier democracies especially in participation in elections.
  • Economic growth. Greater use of the Internet in developing countries could provide a shortcut to economic advancement. Using the latest technology could give companies in these countries a competitive advantage.

The focus on the continuing digital divide has led the European Union to create an initiative known as The European 2020 Strategy. Five major areas are being targeted: a) research and development, b) climate/energy, c) education, d) social inclusion, and e) poverty reduction.