Future Trends in Information Systems

Sidebar: Mary Meeker and Internet Trends

Mary Meeker making her Internet Trends presentation

Chapters such as this are difficult to maintain because the future is a moving target. The same goes for businesses looking to figure out where to develop new products and make investments. Enter Mary Meeker, up until 2018 a partner at the notable venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and now forming her own investment group, Bond Capital. For the past several years, Ms. Meeker has presented the "Internet Trends" report at the Code Conference every May. The presentation consists of rapid-fire summaries of data that provides insights into all of the latest trends in digital technologies and their impact on economies, culture, and investing. For those wanting to keep up with technology, there is no better way than to unpack her annual presentation by watching a video of the presentation and reviewing the associated slide deck.