Object-Oriented Analysis

1. What are Requirements

Requirements as defined by Liu (2001) are a description or statement of a function, feature or condition that a user seeks to have implemented in a system. A requirement is: 

1. A function that a system must perform 

2. A feature of the system or a description of something the system is capable of doing in order to fulfil the system's purpose. 

3. A statement about the proposed system that all stakeholders agree that must be true in order for the customer's problem to be adequately solved.


The creation of correct and thorough requirements specification is essential to a successful project. We use a case study (Point-of-Sale) to illustrate the following three problems. 

1. What should be produced in the requirements capture and analysis? 

2. How to identify the elements of these artifacts? 

3. How are artefacts expressed?

Source: Ellen Ambakisye Kalinga, https://oer.avu.org/bitstream/handle/123456789/667/CSI%203104_EN%20Object%20Oriented%20Analysis%20and%20Design1.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y
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